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    10% of the global population have dyslexia

    Succeed With Dyslexia is a global movement established by assistive technology company Scanning Pens to promote positivity around learning and literacy difficulties.

    Dyslexia is the world’s most common disability. Most people with dyslexia never even know it, yet often dyslexia plays a central part in their daily life and more than often impacts their outcomes. Plenty has been achieved in the last 70 years (International Dyslexia Association founded in 1949), but there is still so much more to be done. We believe in investing time and energy in raising greater awareness of dyslexia and support strategies, advocating for wider diagnosis and helping to reduce stigma.

    We collaborate on a number of campaigns with individuals and organisations to raise awareness of dyslexia and the power of literacy. These campaigns run throughout the year. Our biggest campaign Go Red For Dyslexia is a movement to celebrate dyslexia at a global level. October is dyslexia awareness month and together we’ll be turning the world red.

    To learn more about our international campaigns or to get involved click here.

    We are also really pleased to have a varied webinar series bringing together thought-provoking speakers on a variety of dyslexia topics.

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    The #SucceedWithDyslexia website is the result of hundreds of people’s hard work coming together to bring the most refined strategies for people with learning difficulties. Whether you’re an adult, educator, parent, or student, we’re here to signpost you to additional support.

    SucceedWithDyslexia is on a mission to share positive information about dyslexia and other learning challenges. We’re a global community, and in order to reflect and celebrate the diversity of our community, this content is gathered from a range of international sources.

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