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  • What is Succeed With Dyslexia?

    Succeed With Dyslexia (SWD) is a global movement all about promoting positivity around learning and literacy differences.

    Our Mission

    Our mission at Succeed With Dyslexia is to be trailblazers and agents of change within the dyslexia community. We want to raise awareness of literacy differences by supporting people of all ages, advocating diagnosis, and provoking conversations around related social issues.

    To achieve this, we create targeted content using digital platforms, talking about different aspects of the dyslexic experience for the benefit of the community. We aim to be an international platform that joins people, organisations, and countries together through our output, fostering connectivity, co-operation, and the sharing of knowledge across a worldwide community.

    Our Values

    Dyslexia Training

    Train your team and organisation about dyslexia and neurodiverse differences with our expert on-demand workplace training courses. We also offer bespoke courses. If you are interested in finding more about our amazing courses, please do get in touch.
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    Throughout the year, we collaborate on a number of campaigns with individuals and organisations to raise awareness of dyslexia and the power of literacy.

    D.E.A.R for Dyslexia provides a shared experience where everybody comes together in a community focused on developing a love of reading, breaking down the stigma surrounding reading aids and assistive technology.

    Dyslexia & Me is a global campaign from Succeed With Dyslexia that runs throughout May and June. We explore the narratives of people with dyslexia and its impact on their mental health, looking at what that support means to the global dyslexia community.

    Go Red For Dyslexia is our biggest campaign, celebrating dyslexia at a global level. Every October is dyslexia awareness month, where together we turn the world red.

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